Get the financial serenity you deserve with our trustworthy fiduciary service

Founded in Geneva over 40 years ago, Fidraco Fiduciaire places seriousness and professionalism at the heart of each interaction with our clients.

Our diversified range of competencies allows us to guarantee quality and safety in our work. We attach great importance to confidentiality and approach each request from our clients with the utmost discretion. We strive to build long-lasting, trustworthy relationships.

In order to offer a complete service to our clients, we constantly enrich our array of services, whether through the development of new internal competencies or via strategic collaborations with partners.

In addition to our headquarters in Geneva, we have established a presence in the cantons of Vaud, Fribourg, and Zug, reflecting our commitment to always being close to our clients.

and Finance

We ensure accounting management, the preparation of financial statements and account consolidation. We also offer budget and financial planning services.


From administrative support to the creation of management reports and minutes, we provide comprehensive support for managing your business, including domiciliation services and work tools rental.


We offer a comprehensive range of business advisory services, including assistance during the creation, restructuring, or liquidation of businesses. We also carry out business valuations and provide careful follow-up on your projects, providing personalized advice at every step.


Our services cover payroll management, planning, insurance management, personnel management, and preparation of related documents.

Tax Services and

We offer a variety of tax services for individuals and businesses, including tax declarations, tax adjustments, and tax planning. We also provide assistance services such as ruling requests, discussions with authorities and economic promotions, as well as support during tax audits.

In our pursuit of a high-level, global service, we have established strong partnerships that enhance our capabilities and add value for our clients.


As an insurance broker, I-Brokerage carefully addresses our clients’ insurance needs. Their expert team ensures every aspect of our clients’ insurance needs is managed with diligence and precision.

This cutting-edge accounting software helps us automate our accounting processes, thereby increasing our efficiency and accuracy. Our partnership with Sequence allows us to provide our clients with timely and reliable financial data.

As a technology incubator, Osea Innovations supports us with their design and development expertise. Their innovation-focused approach helps us stay at the forefront of technological advancements in our field, and deliver modern and effective solutions to our clients.